October already.

And you still lack discipline. Wishing you could control your little problem. The one between your legs. Your will is so weak.

It’s funny, really. What a silly way to be self-destructive. One-handed. Lacking the integrity required for self-control. It shouldn’t be so hard, should it? Keeping your urges under control. I’ll make it easy for you and take away that one outlet for pleasure. Quit fighting it.

Time to give in. Give up. Give over control to a higher power. Devote yourself to the discipline of suffering.

Surrender to my will. It’s never been about what you want anyway. I hold you in bonds beyond words. Earn my trust through sacrifice. It’s simple. Forget your bullshit. Serve your purpose. Transform through pain, discipline, and devotion to something beyond your pathetic problem.

Text me when you’re ready to begin.