I know sometimes it scares you. Your need to be seen makes you vulnerable. Trouble is, I like it when it hurts. And you were programmed to please.

Is it all in your mind? Well, yes. That’s where you give over power first. Following my will is sublime. Your fetish makes you useful to me. And it feels so good to serve your purpose, doesn’t it?

I find it hot, making you tell me exactly how you want it to hurt. I like it when you’re embarrassed. And I like to know just how much you find me in your thoughts. It’s like that for a reason.

The lifestyle is a calling, to some. If that scares you, it’s just because it’s so hot. The idea of the creator, of your fall. Of sin. Of salvation.

I’ve been thinking of omnipotence as surveillance. How does the knowledge that I see you, that I already know, change how you feel? How you behave? How you show off for me? How embarrassed you feel?

What other powers do I hold over you? Don’t worry, I can’t make you do anything you don’t already want to do. It’s been there all along, your suspicion was correct. You were made this way to please me.

If it doesn’t quite add up? As they say, add a zero.