You’ve got my attention. What will you do with the privilege? I adore that buzz of anticipation. Between what you’ve done and what you deserve.

Suddenly, you’re all mine. To do with as I please. And the idea of being so vulnerable, subject to whatever I deem necessary. Makes it that much hotter. Give into me. My whims. My desires. Please me in all the ways I like. By that I mean: hurt for me.

It’s a special connection we share, masochists and sadists. Showing me how much you can endure for me, how willing you are to sacrifice yourself to me, how much joy you derive from my desire to see you suffer. It’s divine. A ritual I crave and one in which you devote yourself completely to me.

This isn’t about what you want, anyway. My will is your will. Replacing your desires with mine is easy enough. Experience the sublime rite of being a vessel for my desire. Obedience is bliss, after all. I’m a hedonist, I revel in the excess. Living on the edge has its perks, no?

Lucky you, you don’t have to suffer beyond the edge to touch eternal bliss. Access it anytime you are good for me. It’s really simple. And increasingly difficult to deny yourself the pleasure, don’t you find?

Now’s the time to step into my life. Go on, give in. I have a special task (only for very good toys who are willing to suffer their fragile egos) related to this post. Text me “Let me entertain you, Goddess” to begin.