You’re so funny.

    Is it tiring? Standing in your own way?

    I shouldn’t expect any different from someone like you.

    It’s all cuck shit at the end of the day.

    I’ll play along.

    Let temptation build.

    Think it over some more.

    Getting what you really want.

    Do you know what it will feel like?

    Have you had a taste of it yet?

    That dreamy state of submission?

    Living out your purpose?

    How do you get there?

    Some of you love the struggle.

    I love the moment you let go.

    In a second, it all shifts.

    And you’re mine to do with as I please.

    Nothing’s better.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    Why make yourself wait any longer?

    Let it happen.




  • GOON

    I know some of you can’t be trusted not to touch yourselves. Chastity’s not for everyone. Not yet, anyway.

    You’re out of control. The thrill of life just on the edge. Endless pleasure.

    Does it ever feel like a curse?

    What’s your relationship with fate?

    Your obsessions tell me a lot about you.

    I like that you know you don’t deserve an orgasm.

    Constant arousal keeps you needy, pathetic.

    Do you think you’ll ever give it rest?

    I know you won’t. Not yet.

    First you have to edge to oblivion.

    You have to face that you’re not in control. Never have been.

    Do you think it’s a coincidence?

    You probably don’t think much at all. You let your cunt or your cock do that for you.

    How’s that working out for you?

    What’s your relationship with time?

    Do you ever feel like you’re losing it?

    Can you lose yourself in pleasure? Even when arousal turns to pain?

    I want you to goon deeper. Until you lose yourself. Mindless and empty and open for me.

    Obedience is bliss.

    And you couldn’t cum even if you wanted to, isn’t that right?

    Good toy.



    Indecision is a huge turn-off for me. I want you to know what’s best and act without thinking. Understand?

    Let’s get one thing straight: this isn’t about what you want.

    You think you love me? Show me how useful you can be.

    How do you improve my life? How do you suffer in service to me? Really think about it. Consider what you can stand to lose.

    Yes, someday you’ll have nothing but me. Just like you’ve always dreamed. Heaven for someone like you. No pressure.

    If you’re on your best behavior, you have nothing to be nervous about.

    Do you remember?

    Obedience is bliss, that’s right.

    And lucky for me, you were programmed to please.



    When you’re restless, that’s when you need bondage the most.

    It might seem counterintuitive to you, sure. Consider that it could be time for you to learn the virtue of patience.

    You know the moment when you submit? When you actually let down your guard and accept the loss of control, your lack of power over the situation, over anything?

    I know you crave it. I can’t blame you, it’s intoxicating. The rush of the unknown, at my hand.

    You’ll never get there without patience. With yourself, others, uncertainty. When will you learn to accept your own uselessness?

    Of course I love when you’re useful. Making use of my perfect playthings is one of life’s great joys.

    But there’s something about taking a submissive with a busy mind and immobilizing them. Don’t you find a little bondage can be liberating?

    BDSM gives us the clarity of living in the moment. Presence. You, me, and your fear. Nothing in the way of doing as I please.

    Stop moving. Stay useless.

    It’s a meditative state on both sides of the slash.

    Some of you fear your own uselessness. You crave approval. And yet you crave being recognized as useless.

    I love a masochist with something to prove.



    Maybe you haven’t always considered yourself to be a masochist. You just thought you were life’s punching bag.

    Why is it that you’re so self-destructive?

    I don’t really care. I just enjoy it.

    I can’t help myself. You’re asking for it.

    Ask yourself why I should care about someone like you. What is it that makes you worthy of my attention?

    Is that all?

    I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

    Your peculiarity’s no mystery to me. I know just what someone like you needs.

    And just what you truly deserve.



    When a new submissive tells me they love how mean I am, I salivate.

    Finally. Venus has sent me a masochist of my very own.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    I expect you to speak up and lay out your boundaries. You’ll have to call red so I know how you feel, unless you want to negotiate like adults.

    You’ll learn to love the pain. That’s the beauty of your mind. You’ll do whatever it takes.

    Do you wonder why you were made this way?

    You can beg me for answers. But don’t be surprised when I laugh in your pretty little face.

    Do you realize how beautiful you are when you cry? Hurting for me, you look perfect.

    My perfect plaything, programmed to please.

    And how can you please me?

    It’s simple. Offer yourself up as a sacrifice. Body. Mind. Spirit. Hurt for me.

    Pain is different for everyone. What is it that really hurts you? What hurts even deeper?

    Want to make me proud?

    Make it hurt and beg for more.



    What did you expect? Be careful with those proverbial wishes. You might just get what you wanted after all.

    I find it beautiful that you’re mine before I know you even exist. Like you ever even had a choice.

    And still, you continue to choose me. The beauty of BDSM. Power given, freely.

    My will is your will.

    Maybe you crave the struggle. Brats are funny that way.

    My power isn’t about you. My power isn’t for you. My power is just that: mine.

    Just like you. Try as you might.

    Why is it that you’ve always desired being owned?
    Why is it that you’ve always desired being controlled?
    Why is it that you’ve always desired being disciplined?
    Why is it that you’ve always desired being surveilled?
    Why is it that you’ve always desired being hurt?

    Can you wrap your little head around it? Your raison d’etre? And what it implies?

    Why isn’t so important. Have you considered how?

    How can you be owned?
    How can you be controlled?
    How can you be disciplined?
    How can you be surveilled?
    How can you be hurt?

    Until you have some answers, you’re wandering in the dark.

    When I ask what’s on your mind, you have the answer. All you have to do is listen.

    I’ll make my demands. Don’t forget to use your magic words.

    Remember: obedience is bliss.



    As a Scorpio, I’m used to it.

    Before I stepped into my power, I didn’t understand it.

    Now, it’s hardly remarkable. Someone like you is scared of someone like me. I represent a totally different so-called lifestyle. You’re busy with the status quo.

    However surface-level I keep my desire, others want to ride my wake. You want to epitomize my erotic life. If only it were so simple.

    It’s not about what you want, after all. My desire is just that. Would you like to be mine, too?

    All it takes is a sacrifice. What are you willing to give? I want something real. And I want it to hurt.

    Otherwise, what’s in it for me? Really think about it.



    I’ve always had this issue with men. The more I ignore them, the more dismissive I am, the more their desire grows.

    It’s inconvenient when I want them to shut the fuck up.

    And they can’t help themselves, can’t wait to be a disappointment, a waste of space. A total inconvenience.

    What makes you think you deserve my attention?

    Oh, did you think you were different?

    Otherwise, you’re just like all the other useless men l ignore every day.

    If you’ve got something to prove: prove it.

    Brats: use your words. Mind your manners. Or shut the fuck up.

    No excuses this time.

    I know what’s best for you. Your punishment won’t come easy. Or ever, with that attitude.

    If you’re looking for comfort, don’t hold your breath.



    I know you must be restless.

    Trapped in the space between who you were, and who you’ll become.

    Do you find it a little cramped?

    There, there.

    Sometimes limitations can help you grow.

    You’re all scared of changing.

    First, you have to let go.

    For some of you, it’s the hardest part.

    My little control freaks.

    Maybe I could tie you up. A little bondage goes a long way.

    Get that brain squeaky clean and ready for me.

    Mindlessness is easier than you can imagine.

    Goddess knows best.

    How does that sound?



    The problem with bottoms like you is:
    you don’t see yourself
    as the problem.

    What’s the constant in all your woes?
    Oh, right.

    I’m sure we all have it wrong about you.

    I can’t blame you for getting defensive.
    But, are you really trying your hardest?

    Seems like you spend precious time
    getting in your own way.

    I know the bar is low,
    but I’m totally uninterested
    in a race to the bottom.

    I guess it’s different when you belong at the bottom.

    Resisting can only make it worse.
    Might as well admit you’re a failure
    and beg for forgiveness.

    Though I know masochists like you
    will drag it out as long as they can.

    And I do love to see you suffer.

    Run your little ass in circles,
    I don’t care.

    I think you’re gross.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    You’re an embarrassment.

    Don’t you think it’s time you admit it to yourself?

    Too harsh? I guess we aren’t a match.

    Self-discipline isn’t your strong suit.
    Would you like some help?
    Huh, tough guy?

    Becoming the submissive of your dreams
    is much easier than you can imagine.

    You just have an attitude problem.

    Take your place, or fuck off.

    Why should I care about losers like you?

    Really think about that.



    Do you ever feel like you lack purpose? I can hear it in your voice.

    Why do you come around?

    When you swear you’re different, I know to believe it when I see it.

    Change is magic, but you have to know what you’re willing to do. Who are you willing to be, for me? Be certain. Really imagine it. Think it through.

    Where does fantasy take you?

    How does it feel to be the submissive you, the one deep down inside?

    Does it bring you pleasure? Do you think it’s a coincidence?

    I want to push you to be perfect.

    And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    If you want to please me, consider: how hard will it make you cry?

    If it doesn’t hurt, I’m not interested.



    Sure you’ve fantasized about it. A woman like me laying into you. Just for a peek. I want a glance into that vulnerable part of you. Defenses down. Ready for pain.

    Willing to do whatever it takes.

    How do you get there?

    Surely not doing more of the same.

    Are you really ready to live your desires?

    I’m interested in submissives who are ready to walk the fucking walk.

    You want a femme-led life? Twenty-four fucking seven?

    Long distance is limiting. You’ll have to cut off your own dick.

    Only joking.

    It’s easier than you can imagine.

    If you’re ready, that is.

    There’s a million submissives ready to project their fantasies onto me. What makes you any different?

    I want you to be the fetish dispenser. I push your buttons and get exactly what I want.

    And If you’re programmed to please, so do you.

    If you’ve been wondering why you were made this way, consider your “hard-wired” desires.

    Are you really ready to learn the old-fashioned way?

    Discipline takes many forms, what does it take for you to finally change your ways?

    I get it. Pretending it’s not serious, never really trying so you can’t be disappointed. Are you afraid of getting exactly what you wanted?

    Consequences seem hot until they’re a reality. Until you’re scared of answering for your behavior. But fear is a part of the transformation. And the pleasure.

    Do you really want to change? Or are you happy pretending you have it all under control?

    Are you sick of this shit yet?

    Too comfortable with your life?

    Do something that scares you.




    Are you ready to give in? Or are you still obsessed with pretending you’re someone else?

    Sure, you can pretend all you want. Where’s that gotten you? It doesn’t have to be that way.

    What’s made you so convinced you can’t have the lifestyle you’ve always craved?

    When I ask you what’s on your mind, it’s an invitation to dream with me.

    It’s never as simple as the fetish itself, you’ve got to find the right the headspace.

    How do you empty yourself out, so that I can pour myself in?

    Fill you up.

    Just like that.

    In your dreams, you’re my perfect plaything. Doing as I please. Pleasing me again and again, the only way you know how. One more time. Programming yourself for that sweet state of surrender.

    Once I’m on your mind, it can be hard to imagine life without me. Impossible, even.

    You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. What do you expect will come from your obsessions? Are you scared of your own desire?

    Not sure I blame you.

    When you finally give up control, you transform your relationship with fear. With pain. With pleasure. A life aligned with your deepest desires is easier than you can imagine.

    Mindlessness isn’t the goal. Just a side effect. Enjoy it all you want.

    Obedience is bliss, remember? And all you’ve ever wanted is to do as you’re told.

    One more time.



    How many times have you deleted everything, in the hope of starting new? Life as someone without a fetish. And yet…where do you find yourself, almost immediately? 

    When they say hard-wired for discipline, is this what they mean? A masochist with something to prove? What is it, exactly, that you think you were made for? Love is a curse, but not like you think.

    Behavior modification isn’t the be-all-end-all you’ve wished for. Unfortunately. It can be the beginning though. Discipline starts at the bottom. Work your way up.

    What are you willing to do for your own good?

    That’s all it takes.

    Don’t let the rock roll back down the hill. 

    Only joking. The Sisyphean task is the closeted fetishist throwing out everything. Over and over. Whatever the reason, you were made like this. It’s not something you can change, even if you wanted.

    Real discipline isn’t abstaining from your fetish. Though I can help you abstain from other…useless practices, if you like chastity. Commit to the discipline of exploring what’s really behind your kinks. Imagine the submissive you could become, if you really gave it a try.

    No more hoping and hoping the feeling goes away. Your whole life can change if you’re ready. 

    Never change.

    This is why I fell in love.



    I know what it’s like. When you decide enough is enough. Time to raise the bar.

    I’ve found life is always better on the other side.

    High standards. According to whom? I already knew.

    Asking for what you want, means knowing what you want in the first place. It’s the only way you’ll ever get it.

    Look, I understand. So I’ll make it easy for you. Meet my standard. The guesswork is gone. Mindlessness is easy if you know how to give me what I want.

    When it comes to my playthings, I expect better. And as it happens, you’ve always wished to live up to a strict woman’s standards. Do you think that’s an accident?

    Consider this a wake up call. Are you ready? Transformation doesn’t happen overnight but there’s an ease in becoming who you were always meant to be in service to me and my will.

    Easier than you can imagine.



    Does it ever feel like a curse? What do you expect when you make promises you can’t keep? You don’t have to explain. I know exactly what you need. I’ll take care of you.

    Calm down. Goddess knows best. Forgiveness is only a sacrifice away. What do you have to give today? Yes, some day you’ll have nothing. Nothing but me. And then you’ll finally feel peace. No pressure.

    First, you’ll start with your own desires. Next, your power. Finally, your mind. Or what’s left of it. A simple life suits you, after all. An easy exchange for submissive bliss, don’t you think?

    It’s not as hard as it sounds. Not as hard at all. Though you may soak your sheets. That’s to be expected in your future state. Not unlike you are now, lost in my word.

    You’ll find me in your dreams soon enough. When we meet there, you’ll remember what’s important. Mindlessness is easier than you can imagine. Obedience is bliss. And you’re programmed to please, isn’t that right?

    Good toy.




    You’re beginning to understand, aren’t you?

    Close your eyes and feel the teeth of the machine. Don’t you want out? Don’t you want more? Why is it, do you think, you’ve spent your life daydreaming? What is it you really desire, and, can you trust the source? Where did it all come from?

    Don’t be afraid. There, there. Goddess will sort this all out. Don’t worry your little head. Mindlessness opens you up to more important matters. Everything you’ve been waiting to feel your whole life. No pressure.

    When you finally let down your guard, we can begin. Imagine yourself for a moment as the submissive you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Transformation starts with pain and sacrifice, sure. It’s not an accident that your desires come from the same place. Stop fighting it. You can’t change your fate.

    Give in. That’s right. Mindlessness is easier than you can imagine. And the magic keeps working, even while you sleep.



    Maybe it’s something you’ve always felt self-conscious about. Something you’ve always been blamed for, when it was truly an honest mistake or the result of the way your mind works. Time, in their terms, is oppressive. Why do you think your time is always wasted?

    They say: you’re late. Penalties stack up. Are you sorry? They’ll ensure it.

    Maybe you’ve had enough of it. You want to play on your own time. The freedom to be let go. What happens, happens. Are the repercussions worth it? What’s it like to liberate yourself from time? What’s it like to consent to penitence when reality crashes the reverie?

    How bad do you want to break the rules? How bad do you want redemption?

    Time is precious, for me. Disrespect earns you your place: in the corner, blushing. The cane helps you forget what you were so afraid of in the first place.

    Discipline as a prayer: make an offering.


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