This seems like a good opportunity to remind you that my time is my most valuable resource. To remind you that serving me, as your Goddess, requires devotion to the ritual of worship.

Those that remain (willfully) obtuse on money as fetish, and those that refuse to acknowledge capital in kink might not get it.

Not us.

We know the value of my time. Wasting my time is not a mistake you make twice.

Discipline is a practice. 
Devote yourself to discipline.
Worship is its own reward.

Buying me more time for what’s important is the best way to show me your devotion. Worship me by opening up time for me to devote to the practices of sadism, discipline, and femdom that connect me to the divine. This is a very simple way to show that you understand the power exchange we’re embarking upon.

As my schedule fills up, I must make time to replenish my body, my mind, and my creativity.

If you want my full attention, I require your devotion in kind. Being served is how I feel seen and loved. And meeting my standards gives you purpose.

It’s elegant, really. The way you were designed to make my life better. Easier. More beautiful. Delicious, really.

So, show me how much you want this. Show me your devotion, your commitment Enjoy basking in Goddess while you can. Text me and introduce yourself. Show me you’re always right where you belong.