I think it’s time to go down. Deep into the pit of your desire. Where it all comes from. Something deep down, something scary.

And your need to touch that fear, to feel the rush of who you are, where you are, right now. At my hand.

It’s what I want. Which is all that’s ever really mattered to begin with.

The flaws you’ve always feared, they are what brought you here. Supplication. Goddess is here, now, and I love it when you beg to give me what I want.

I love when you suffer, in devotion to me. There’s always more pain where that came from.

Get lost in awe, devotion, in the ritual of serving me. Worship me. Generously.

Under my influence, you transform into the faithful subject, or useful object, you’ve always wanted to be. And I am properly worshiped.

Maybe you’re scared. Of the shame you’ve developed around this part of yourself. Of the sacrifice and service to desires outside your own. Suffering is good for you.

And you’ll do anything to be good for me, won’t you?