I tend to attract submissives with a service kink. Or toys so eager to please they develop an insatiable need to serve, even if it isn’t their so-called core kink. Many fetishists seek out Dommes and behave in such a way that the joke goes we are treated like “fetish dispensers.”

But really, it’s the other way around.

I like thinking of you as my fetish dispenser. I just press your buttons, and I get what I want. And you give it, graciously. My kinks, my fetishes, and my desires are all that matter. And eventually, as if by magic, my pleasure is your pleasure.

Objectification is one of my many kinks. My desires, interests, and fetishes inform my femdom practice. And you’ll find objectification, along with service, chastity, cuckolding, and mind control throughout the power exchange, discipline, and sadism I share with you.

For me, the lifestyle is a calling. I want to push my desires to create what I want, with you as the medium. Here, my hedonism and sadism speak to my sexual appetite. I am always hungry for more. Devout submissives, cuckolds, and playthings delight in suffering, serving, and obeying me. It’s their pleasure, after all.

And how divine is it, that this is what you’ve wanted all along?

I can’t wait for the moment you let go, and finally give in to your need to serve, suffer, worship, be useful. It’s so fucking hot.

Here together, what’s your pleasure?