I’m no stranger to discipline. I’ve always been happy to lend a firm hand to my friends that are bottoms when they need accountability (and a watchful eye) to achieve their goals. This is how they feel seen and loved, and sometimes caring for them means a blistered bottom and time for contemplation in the corner.

I don’t think of myself as particularly strict, and I often tease and push bottoms to be on their worst behavior (to my own benefit). I’m a sadist and a hedonist, so it’s all in good fun, even if brats aren’t necessarily my forte.

One thing I cannot stand, however, is disrespect of my time. As you can probably tell, I consider it a precious resource. I value it above most else, and if it is spent with you: I expect you to value my time.

Discipline fetishists often eroticize “old-fashioned” modes of control and means of punishment. And perhaps this is one way in which I am old fashioned. I demand you value my time. Patience is one of my many virtues, but I will not stand for disrespect of my time.

Self-discipline in this regard can go very far with me. If you crave consequences, let’s set them together. I take pleasure in making you understand the importance of obedience.

And obedience is bliss, after all. Why deny yourself the pleasure?

Perhaps this is where my service kink gets in the way of old-fashioned bratting. I want to get you there:  that dreamy trance in service. Some bottoms revel in fighting back, but I cherish the build up of fear giving way to surrender. Surrender to control and pain at my hand, for my pleasure. I guess I’m more into masochists.

Disobedience can, in some instances, signal an urge for self-destruction. Not in the same way our sexuality is formed as stigma. But in the systems in place to make us get in our own way. They want us right where they’ve got us. But we know a better way.

So join me. Give in. It’s easy to be who you’ve always dreamed of becoming. And I take great care in conditioning you to be good. There’s nothing better.