Maybe it’s something you’ve always felt self-conscious about. Something you’ve always been blamed for, when it was truly an honest mistake or the result of the way your mind works. Time, in their terms, is oppressive. Why do you think your time is always wasted?

They say: you’re late. Penalties stack up. Are you sorry? They’ll ensure it.

Maybe you’ve had enough of it. You want to play on your own time. The freedom to be let go. What happens, happens. Are the repercussions worth it? What’s it like to liberate yourself from time? What’s it like to consent to penitence when reality crashes the reverie?

How bad do you want to break the rules? How bad do you want redemption?

Time is precious, for me. Disrespect earns you your place: in the corner, blushing. The cane helps you forget what you were so afraid of in the first place.

Discipline as a prayer: make an offering.