You’re beginning to understand, aren’t you?

Close your eyes and feel the teeth of the machine. Don’t you want out? Don’t you want more? Why is it, do you think, you’ve spent your life daydreaming? What is it you really desire, and, can you trust the source? Where did it all come from?

Don’t be afraid. There, there. Goddess will sort this all out. Don’t worry your little head. Mindlessness opens you up to more important matters. Everything you’ve been waiting to feel your whole life. No pressure.

When you finally let down your guard, we can begin. Imagine yourself for a moment as the submissive you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Transformation starts with pain and sacrifice, sure. It’s not an accident that your desires come from the same place. Stop fighting it. You can’t change your fate.

Give in. That’s right. Mindlessness is easier than you can imagine. And the magic keeps working, even while you sleep.