Sure you’ve fantasized about it. A woman like me laying into you. Just for a peek. I want a glance into that vulnerable part of you. Defenses down. Ready for pain.

Willing to do whatever it takes.

How do you get there?

Surely not doing more of the same.

Are you really ready to live your desires?

I’m interested in submissives who are ready to walk the fucking walk.

You want a femme-led life? Twenty-four fucking seven?

Long distance is limiting. You’ll have to cut off your own dick.

Only joking.

It’s easier than you can imagine.

If you’re ready, that is.

There’s a million submissives ready to project their fantasies onto me. What makes you any different?

I want you to be the fetish dispenser. I push your buttons and get exactly what I want.

And If you’re programmed to please, so do you.

If you’ve been wondering why you were made this way, consider your “hard-wired” desires.

Are you really ready to learn the old-fashioned way?

Discipline takes many forms, what does it take for you to finally change your ways?

I get it. Pretending it’s not serious, never really trying so you can’t be disappointed. Are you afraid of getting exactly what you wanted?

Consequences seem hot until they’re a reality. Until you’re scared of answering for your behavior. But fear is a part of the transformation. And the pleasure.

Do you really want to change? Or are you happy pretending you have it all under control?

Are you sick of this shit yet?

Too comfortable with your life?

Do something that scares you.