Are you ready to give in? Or are you still obsessed with pretending you’re someone else?

Sure, you can pretend all you want. Where’s that gotten you? It doesn’t have to be that way.

What’s made you so convinced you can’t have the lifestyle you’ve always craved?

When I ask you what’s on your mind, it’s an invitation to dream with me.

It’s never as simple as the fetish itself, you’ve got to find the right the headspace.

How do you empty yourself out, so that I can pour myself in?

Fill you up.

Just like that.

In your dreams, you’re my perfect plaything. Doing as I please. Pleasing me again and again, the only way you know how. One more time. Programming yourself for that sweet state of surrender.

Once I’m on your mind, it can be hard to imagine life without me. Impossible, even.

You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. What do you expect will come from your obsessions? Are you scared of your own desire?

Not sure I blame you.

When you finally give up control, you transform your relationship with fear. With pain. With pleasure. A life aligned with your deepest desires is easier than you can imagine.

Mindlessness isn’t the goal. Just a side effect. Enjoy it all you want.

Obedience is bliss, remember? And all you’ve ever wanted is to do as you’re told.

One more time.