When you’re restless, that’s when you need bondage the most.

It might seem counterintuitive to you, sure. Consider that it could be time for you to learn the virtue of patience.

You know the moment when you submit? When you actually let down your guard and accept the loss of control, your lack of power over the situation, over anything?

I know you crave it. I can’t blame you, it’s intoxicating. The rush of the unknown, at my hand.

You’ll never get there without patience. With yourself, others, uncertainty. When will you learn to accept your own uselessness?

Of course I love when you’re useful. Making use of my perfect playthings is one of life’s great joys.

But there’s something about taking a submissive with a busy mind and immobilizing them. Don’t you find a little bondage can be liberating?

BDSM gives us the clarity of living in the moment. Presence. You, me, and your fear. Nothing in the way of doing as I please.

Stop moving. Stay useless.

It’s a meditative state on both sides of the slash.

Some of you fear your own uselessness. You crave approval. And yet you crave being recognized as useless.

I love a masochist with something to prove.


Carpark Records · Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless