Terms of Service

Address me as Goddess and Ma’am. Not Mistress, not Master, and certainly not anything against the terms of the site we use to communicate. This is not an opportunity for bratting.

If you can’t follow simple instructions, I’m not interested.

I expect you to do your own research into the terms and code of conduct of the site you use. And I expect you to follow those rules when we speak.

If your fetish or desire is censored by credit card processors, do not disrespect me by bringing it up.

If you can’t follow simple rules, I’m not interested.

I expect you to articulate your limits and desires.

Fetishists with very specific interest should step up and share them. Even Especially if it’s embarrassing to say the word.

Stoplight safewords are always in place. I trust you to call red to stop or redirect conversation to check in.

Often submissives, bottoms, and masochists push themselves past limits or try new things in their desire to please their Domme, Top, or Sadist.

Limits can change scene to scene or even within the same conversation. There’s no shame in admitting something doesn’t work for you.

A lack of experience alters consent, so if you’re playing with something new: recognize the risk you take on.

If my boundaries are crossed, I will also call red and hang up or block for particularly egregious violations.

I do not tolerate requests for r*ce play. Absolutely not interested. I will block you.

I do not wish to violate your consent or cause you harm. I trust you to communicate with me. I must know the line in order to avoid crossing it.

“Whatever you want, Goddess” means exactly that, so think before you pretend you don’t have limits.

In order to be of use to me, I require that you take care of yourself. Any modifications to my instructions that are necessary for your health, well-being, and safety: make them. Let me know the accommodations required to keep you serviceable and my words accessible.

Please note in my femdom practice: your orgasm is beside the point.

I’m completely uninterested in getting you off. Your arousal serves a purpose for me and I use it as I see fit. In other words: desire is another implement for discipline and pain. Anyway, denial is part of the fun for me. And permanent chastity is so hot. So don’t expect to cum. I don’t allow it.

I value devotion, obedience, and generosity in service to desires, needs, and pleasure beyond your own.

This is not about what you want. My will is your will. And obedience is bliss.

Giving in and giving up your power is its own reward, you’ll find.

My playthings push themselves in order to be the best, most generous hosts of my desires and goals.

Giving for its own sake is a ritual performed in worship to me.

Belonging under my control is divine.

And you’d do anything to be mine, isn’t that right?

My devoted submissive, my fathful servant, my perfect plaything.

All you have to do is give up to a higher power.

What do you have to offer at my feet?

Sure, someday you’ll have nothing. Nothing but me. In the meantime, I require devotion, self-discipline, and sacrifice.

Does it scare you? That you were made this way for me?

Fear is part of the fun. And so is the pain.

I didn’t say it would be easy.