You’re starting to feel out of control. Get used to it. Forget what you used to know. To knowing, in the general sense. In the biblical sense. To be perfectly honest.

The before, it slips away. You can try to run away, but you can never go back. Surrender yourself to divine intervention. We’re going down, deep down into the pit of desire. You never had a choice.

Seal your fate by eating your own seed. Have you ever wondered why you had such a compulsion? To bind yourself to me. Forever.

Smile for me. That’s right. Don’t you love doing as you’re told? It’s not about what you want anymore, but I’m benevolent enough to make it pleasurable. Service and praise kinks programmed you this way, I’m just dialing it up for my own benefit.

I’m hungry. I want more. And doesn’t it feel good to give? Eventually it becomes the only pleasure you know. Don’t worry, I know how much you enjoy pain. I’ll make sure it still hurts, too.

Stop talking. Start sending.

Good toy.