When a new submissive tells me they love how mean I am, I salivate.

Finally. Venus has sent me a masochist of my very own.

Be careful what you wish for.

I expect you to speak up and lay out your boundaries. You’ll have to call red so I know how you feel, unless you want to negotiate like adults.

You’ll learn to love the pain. That’s the beauty of your mind. You’ll do whatever it takes.

Do you wonder why you were made this way?

You can beg me for answers. But don’t be surprised when I laugh in your pretty little face.

Do you realize how beautiful you are when you cry? Hurting for me, you look perfect.

My perfect plaything, programmed to please.

And how can you please me?

It’s simple. Offer yourself up as a sacrifice. Body. Mind. Spirit. Hurt for me.

Pain is different for everyone. What is it that really hurts you? What hurts even deeper?

Want to make me proud?

Make it hurt and beg for more.