How many times have you deleted everything, in the hope of starting new? Life as someone without a fetish. And yet…where do you find yourself, almost immediately? 

When they say hard-wired for discipline, is this what they mean? A masochist with something to prove? What is it, exactly, that you think you were made for? Love is a curse, but not like you think.

Behavior modification isn’t the be-all-end-all you’ve wished for. Unfortunately. It can be the beginning though. Discipline starts at the bottom. Work your way up.

What are you willing to do for your own good?

That’s all it takes.

Don’t let the rock roll back down the hill. 

Only joking. The Sisyphean task is the closeted fetishist throwing out everything. Over and over. Whatever the reason, you were made like this. It’s not something you can change, even if you wanted.

Real discipline isn’t abstaining from your fetish. Though I can help you abstain from other…useless practices, if you like chastity. Commit to the discipline of exploring what’s really behind your kinks. Imagine the submissive you could become, if you really gave it a try.

No more hoping and hoping the feeling goes away. Your whole life can change if you’re ready. 

Never change.

This is why I fell in love.